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High quality provider of exciting itineraries in Lofoten.

XXLofoten offers a wide range of outdoor adventures trough all seasons. Our office is located on the quay in Svolvær centrum.

XXLofoten aims to solve any demand from our customers, from the individual traveler to business groups and conferences, as well as logistic support for film and tv productions.

As a localy owned company, where all partners are involved in the daily operations, we are well positioned to make swift decisions, and assure that all necessary resources are available for our operation. When you join XXlofoten for an adventure you can leave your worries behind you. We have a high awareness of safety, close monitoring of our operations and not at least, a strong engagement to make sure that you have a truly Lofoten experience.

Our well skilled guides will make sure that all activities are done in accordance with our guidelines, for your safety and to keep the impact on the unique nature of Lofoten on a minimum.

XXLofoten AS
Mind Moving Moments
Norwegian Travel Company of the Year
Custom made itineraries in Lofoten
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Trygve Steen

Partner / Manager
Tel:+47 901 24 647
E-mail: trygve@xxlofoten.no

Jørn Sund-Henriksen

Partner / Manager Oslo Department
T:+47 951 61 741
E: jorn@xxlofoten.no

Mariell Hagen

Marketing Manager / Sales
T:+47 452 55 154
E: mariell@xxlofoten.no

Kristian Getz

Partner / Sales Manager
T:+47 970 06 699
E: kristian@xxlofoten.no

Morten Holst

Partner / Captain
T:+47 996 39 078
E: morten@xxlofoten.no

Marcel Danielsen Hansen

T:+47 934 48 329
E: marcel@xxlofoten.no

Geir Martin

Geir Martin

Partner / Operations
T:+47 951 13 368
E: geir@xxlofoten.no

Kenneth Greger-Pettersen

Partner / System Manager
T:+47 408 28 222
E: kenneth@xxlofoten.no

Lasse Pedersen

Head of Accounting
T:+47 952 31 210
E: lasse@xxlofoten.no

Are you looking for a custom made itinerary in Lofoten? You have come to the right place. Our team would be happy to accommodate you in creating the perfect stay for you and your companions.

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