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The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, is a natural phenomenon unlike any other.

Every winter, you can find this extraordinary lights in the Lofoten Islands. In fact, you can see it from September until April during night time. Every year many travel to Northern Norway to follow their dream to experience the magical light. The Lofoten Islands is situated right under the Northern Lights oval, which means there are good chances to catch glimpses of the lady Aurora when here.

We arrange group trips by bus to chase for the lights during winter. Our trips mainly take you to the northern parts of the island where there are better chances to see it and the light pollution is minimal. We will do our best to find the best place  to see the northern light,  considering weather conditions. During our Northern Lights trips we try to take good photos if we find the Aurora Borealis. Our guide will help you to catch it on camera, and send it to you after the trip. This way you can bring the memory back home and share with friends and family. It would be foolish of us to give you a Northern Lights guarantee since it is a natural phenomenon, but we guarantee we do our best to find it. If we believe it will be hard to find it due to bad weather conditions, we reconsider together with our guests whether to cancel and postpone the trip to the next day, or not.

“The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, is a natural phenomenon unlike any other.”


This is included

- English speaking guide
- Bus from Svolvær
- Warm drinks and small snack
- Photo tips

Tips and recommendations

- Wool underwear
- Fleece or wool sweather
- Warm jacket and trousers that isolates
- Scarf, gloves, hat, warm and isolated shoes
- Always bring an extra sweather in case

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