XXLofoten offer a wide range of scheduled and joined trips. Click on one of the trips to see full schedule.

  • NOK 450 Bike rental
    Bike rental

    Explore Lofoten by bike at your own pace

  • NOK 695 Evening kayaking
    Evening kayaking

    Kayak experience in the beautiful evening summer light

  • NOK 895 Evening Safari with RIB to Skrova
    Evening Safari with RIB to Skrova

    When the summer night is approaching, get yourself to Skrova!

  • NOK 895 Fishing trip
    Fishing trip

    Join us for a traditional fishing trip in Lofoten during summer

  • NOK 860 Kayak nature safari
    Kayak nature safari

    Explore nature in steady kayaks from Nyvågar

  • NOK 1390 Northern Lights Photo Tour
    Northern Lights Photo Tour

    Join us in the hunt for one of the most fantastic phenomen of nature

  • NOK 895 Sea Eagle Safari to Trollfjorden
    Sea Eagle Safari to Trollfjorden

    Sea Eagle RIB Safari with photo stops and storytelling by your local host

  • NOK 995 Snowshoe Explorer
    Snowshoe Explorer

    Explore Lofoten in the beautiful winter landscape

  • NOK 795 Trollfjord Cruise
    Trollfjord Cruise

    The venerable Lofotferga welcomes you on board the Trollfjord cruise

  • NOK 995 Winter kayaking
    Winter kayaking

  • NOK 690 After Sea
    After Sea

    A well deserved meal after a day out in Lofoten

  • NOK 795 Bike & Hike
    Bike & Hike

    Join us for a combined bike and hike trip in Lofoten.

  • NOK 795 Cycle trips
    Cycle trips

    Lofoten is a mecca for cyclists! From your bike, you can discover local gems and

  • NOK 845 Fishing trips
    Fishing trips

    Join us for a fishing trip in Lofoten

  • NOK 690 Fishing Village Walk
    Fishing Village Walk

    Combine history and culture in the country’s most authentic fishing village.

  • NOK 790 Food & Beer Challenge
    Food & Beer Challenge

    Test your senses and taste buds in a fun, educational and soft team building com

  • NOK 1090 Full Steam Experience- A foodie Tour
    Full Steam Experience- A foodie Tour

    Combination of museum and rustique restaurant.

  • NOK 795 Group kayak trip
    Group kayak trip

    Kayaking in crystal clear water in Lofoten

  • NOK 690 Hiking trips
    Hiking trips

    Join us for memorable and majestic hike with spectacular view! 

  • NOK 795 Lofoten Cruise
    Lofoten Cruise

    Boat cruise on a comfortable boat

  • NOK 995 Northern Lights Explorer
    Northern Lights Explorer

    The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, is a natural phenomenon unlike any other.

  • NOK 895 Rib Safari
    Rib Safari

    Join us for a sea safari in RIBs.

  • NOK 1690 Best of Lofoten - Skrova Island
    Best of Lofoten - Skrova Island

    Sea eagle nature safari combined with island stop and cultural walk in Skrova

  • NOK 790 Fishing Village Foodie Tour
    Fishing Village Foodie Tour

    A cultural and gastronomic introduction to the story of Lofoten

  • NOK 790 Hike Lofoten Scenic Trails
    Hike Lofoten Scenic Trails

    Guided hiking trips with storytelling and scenic views

  • NOK 990 Lofoten highlights
    Lofoten highlights

    Scenic sightseeing trip with photo stops at hidden gems by local guide

  • NOK 790 Bike & Hike Safari
    Bike & Hike Safari

    An easy way to explore Lofoten nature by bike and feet

  • NOK 790 Bike Lofoten Sightseeing Trip
    Bike Lofoten Sightseeing Trip

    Cultural cycling trip from Svolvær

  • NOK 1090 Full Steam Experience Dinner
    Full Steam Experience Dinner

    Combination of museum and your private special restaurant

  • NOK 790 Lofoten Kayak Safari
    Lofoten Kayak Safari

    A kayak nature safari for beginners

  • NOK 1190 Northern lights tour
    Northern lights tour

    Intriguing lecture and the chase for the mysterious Aurora Borealis

  • MS Symra
    MS Symra

    Unique traditional fishing boat

  • RIB

    Rent a rib (zodiac) boat

  • NOK 995 Traditional fishing trip
    Traditional fishing trip

    Experience a fishing trip during the traditional winter fishing

  • NOK 695 Sea kayaking in Svolvær
    Sea kayaking in Svolvær

    The perfect way to experience Lofoten!

  • NOK 3495 Lets Go Fishing
    Lets Go Fishing

    Quality fishing boats for the dedicated fishermen.

  • MS Discovery
    MS Discovery

    Charter a luxury boat in Loften

  • Lofotferga

    The old ferry from Lofoten are great for big groups

  • NOK 895 RIB Sea Eagle Safari
    RIB Sea Eagle Safari

    Prepare for fresh air, wind in your hair, and a memorable nature safari by Rib.