Best of Lofoten - Skrova Island
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Best of Lofoten - Skrova Island

Sea eagle nature safari combined with island stop and cultural foodie walk in Skrova


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A perfect combination of history and culture in harmony with nature and a taste of Lofoten.

With comfortable rubber boats we make a sea eagle safari to the island Skrova and experience the island by foot.

This is one of the most scenic islands in Lofoten, with white sandy beaches and lots of historical and current stories to tell about the local fisheries. You will explore the charming island with your guide and be served a taste of Lofoten along the way.

“One of the most beautiful places to visit in Lofoten”

Best of Lofoten - Skrova Island
Best of Lofoten - Skrova Island
Best of Lofoten - Skrova Island
Best of Lofoten - Skrova Island
Best of Lofoten - Skrova Island

For those who would like a full day at Skrova we can include a hike to Skrova mountain. At 281 meters in height it is not too strenuous, but every meter is worth it. We may round our visit off with lunch at the local restaurant before we head back to Svolvær. Ask for a price.

Our guides have expert safety training and will make sure you have a comfortable experience. The tour is not recommended for pregnant women and persons with back or neck injuries. Wear warm shoes and bring your camera, a rucksack and water.

12 persons per boat. Price is based on full 12- or 24-passenger tours.

  • Private sea eagle safari by rib boat

  • Visit to Lofoten Hawaii - Skrova island

  • Thermal suit

  • Safety vest

  • Goggles

  • Cap

  • Gloves

  • Private local host

  • Cultural walk in Skrova

  • Sea eagle safari by rib boat

  • Scenic islands and beaches only accesible by boat


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