Kayak Nature Safari

Kayak Nature Safari
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You cannot get closer to nature than this! Our three-hour nature safari takes you on a kayak trip out of the ordinary. Our experienced guide will introduce you to Lofoten's bird and marine life.

Kayak Nature Safari
Photo credit: XXLofoten

The combination of silence, raw nature on all sides and full freedom of motion makes sea kayaking one of our most popular adventures.

Lofoten’s nature has unique and spectacular contrasts and kayaking is a great way to experience these. When you embark in a sea kayak you practically sit on the surface of the sea and can navigate it using your own bodily strength.

You can appreciate Lofoten’s dramatic mountains from a whole new perspective when you paddle close to them. It is an experience almost as majestic as standing on top of them.

“The combination of silence, raw nature on all sides and full freedom of motion, makes sea kayaking one of our most popular adventures”

  • Experienced kayak guide
  • Splash cover, paddle, and life vest
  • Kayak
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  • Hidden gems
  • Kayaking in crystal clear water
  • Experiencing kayaking
  •   NOK 895
  •   12
  •   1 minimum
  •   1. June - 31. August
  •   3 hours
  •   30 minutes before departure


Additional Information

You receive a solid introduction before we embark in the double kayaks from Nyvågar in Kabelvåg, where our knowledgeable guides meet you 30 minutes before departure.

The weather in Lofoten changes a lot from day to day, which is some of the charm of the islands. You should dress to suit the weather, and our recommendation is that on a cold summer day you wear wool underwear. Bring a water bottle too.
Other timings and group arrangements on request.

Address: Storvåganveien 25, Kabelvåg.

Nyvågar Rorbuhotell, Kabelvåg

30 minutes before departure