Sea Eagle Nature Safari

Sea Eagle Nature Safari
Private trip

Prepare for fresh air and wind in your hair.

Sea Eagle Nature Safari
Photo credit: XXLofoten

Hundreds of small islands surrounded by the ocean and covered by mountains. A sense of wilderness may be the image you have of the Arctic and this is exactly what you get a taste of on our nature safari by RIB boat.

This is a real nature experience, meaning that we never can guarantee what we will see on the trip, but we can assure you that no trip is the same. The area we visit has a high population of sea eagles, meaning that chances for close ups with the majestic eagles are high. If you have any special wishes, we can always extend the private trip and make new routes.

“It's ideal for photo enthusiasts and those with a general interest in nature.”

  • Thermal suit
  • Safety vest
  • Goggles
  • Cap
  • Gloves


  • Close-up experience with the majestic sea eagles
  • Scenic islands and beaches only accessible by boat
  • Private trip with local host and skipper
  •   NOK 9900
  •   2 boats, 12 per boat
  •   1 boat minimum
  •   All year
  •   1.5 hours
  •   30 minutes prior


Additional Information

Our guides have expert safety training and will make sure that you have a comfortable experience. Pregnant women and persons with back or neck injuries are not recommended. Wear warm shoes and bring your camera.

XXLofoten Activity Center

30 minutes prior