Taste of Lofoten
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Taste of Lofoten

An authentic and tasteful experience in Lofoten.


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The stories surrounding the archipelago of Lofoten are many. From the deepest oceans to highest mountains. From cold winters to sensational summers. From spectacular northern lights to magical midnight sun. Here our guests get the real, genuine and authen

The archipelago lies in the middle of what is often called “the world’s largest dinner plate”, and the unique commodities the inhabitants of Lofoten have fed on and lived from for centuries, are in large scale. When the narrative is experienced through, and in combination with real flavors, our guests are left with a strengthened portrayal on life in Lofoten over the years.

“Storytelling and local food hand in hand”

Taste of Lofoten
Taste of Lofoten
Taste of Lofoten
Taste of Lofoten
Taste of Lofoten

Among the flavors you will find dried Arctic cod, salmon and whale from the Lofoten ocean. Lofoten-lamb. Tasty cloudberries and locally produced yoghurt made on milk from cows grassing right by the Arctic coast. Roe / caviar from the exclusive Arctic cod, and juice from newly and freshly picked berries. Supported by pictures, films and hosts carrying wide knowledge and experience, this visit will give a historical and authentic touch to your Lofoten experience.

Taste of Lofoten is hosted in a private, informal and lavish “Lofoten-style” arena. The flavors are many, but are not counted as a full meal. There are possibilities of purchasing a variety of beverages.

  • Local hosts

  • Private venue

  • Story of Lofoten

  • 8 tastes of Lofoten

  • Storytelling

  • Taste of local delicacies

  • Informal Lofoten style venue


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